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About the Furry Research Center

We are an online think tank whose primary goal is to research, report on, and conduct demographic analysis of the furry fandom. Founded in March 2008, our focus is on producing accurate, objective, and clear information about the fandom.

The Center is predominantly an outgrowth of early demographic studies conducted by its founder, Alex Osaki (as at http://www.klisoura.com/). Initially, we mostly intend to build off this data and research. In the future, our goal is to be the foremost source for statistics and related information about the fandom.

The "Five Year Plan" for the center is to provide a semi-annual or yearly summary sheet in addition to smaller, less comprehensive monthly surveys. If there appears to be demand for it, we will also produce more specialised publications on request. Ideally, we will be here more for the fandom more than the fandom is here for us.